Traffic management in the southern section of the Old City Harbour

The need for a comprehensive traffic management solution at the Old City Harbour of Tallinn arose from the constantly increasing number of passengers on Tallinn–Helsinki routes. In the southern section of the harbour area, vehicles awaiting boarding were guided using temporary traffic control devices, while temporary container cabins and storage units were used as service buildings. The project required that both vehicles awaiting boarding and deboarding vehicles are managed on the territory of the harbour simultaneously, using modern means which ensure that vehicles are loaded onto and unloaded from the ferries as smoothly as possible, and that the traffic is linked up properly with the traffic flows on the nearest streets of the city. K-Projekt developed the design for the new entrance and exit complex of terminal D. In the first stage of construction, pavements were built together with kerbs and median strips, while the second stage consisted of upgrading the traffic control devices, road markings, and traffic signs and renovating the parking lot on Uus-Sadama Street. In the third stage, a promenade was built along Pikksilma Street. The designed total length of lanes for deboarding vehicles was 3,670 metres, which covers 95% of the carrying capacity of Megastar, the largest passenger ferry served by the harbour.

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Client: AS Tallinna Sadam
Design period: 2015–2017
Architect: SWECO Projekt AS (building structures for service buildings and canopies)
Automation systems: AS Nortal (Smart Port project)