Merivälja tee and Ranna tee

Merivälja tee and Ranna tee form the main corridor that connects the Viimsi rural municipality with downtown Tallinn. The two-lane road was in a poor condition, the road markings were worn, and ruts had formed in the road due to the heavy traffic load. In 2005, the intersection of Merivälja tee and Randvere tee was converted into a traffic light regulated intersection. A shared-use path was built on the seaward side of Merivälja tee and the street lighting in the area was upgraded. The intersection was opened on 12 July 2005 by Deputy Mayor Jüri Ratas and Pirita City District Elder Enno Tamm. Next, the reconstruction of the 1.93-kilometre-long section of Merivälja tee between Randvere tee and Ranna tee was undertaken. The section was to be converted into a 2 + 2 lane road with three new intersections and one new pedestrian crossing, all regulated by traffic lights. The reconstruction work started in the summer of 2006, when, first, a concrete shore protection structure was built for protection against the sea. In 2012 the reconstruction of the 1.2-kilometre-long stretch of Ranna tee between Merivälja tee and the border of the city began. Here, too, the aim was to restyle the previously two-lane and deteriorated street into a 2 + 2 lane road with separated directions. In addition, left-turn lanes and bus-stop pockets were created and the railway level crossing was renovated. The shared-use paths connecting Viimsi with the city centre, too, were refurbished. Intersection of Merivälja tee and Randvere tee Design period: 2002–2003 Client: Tallinn Public Works Department Reconstruction of Merivälja tee (from Randvere tee to Ranna tee) Design period: 2005–2006 Client: Tallinn Public Works Department Ranna tee Design period: 2011 Client: Viimsi Rural Municipality Government.


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Client: Tallinn Public Works Department, Viimsi Rural Municipality Government
Design period: 2002–2011