Männiku tee

The rerouting of heavy-duty transit trucks from the reconstructed Vabaduse puiestee to Männiku tee significantly accelerated the deterioration of Männiku tee, as a result of which both the road pavement and kerbs were in very poor condition. The road markings had faded completely, which had started to endanger the lives of both drivers and pedestrians crossing the road. As there were no longitudinal slopes on the road, rainwater and meltwater frequently created pools on the pavement. The green road verges that lined the road had been almost completely destroyed due to the sand and salt used for snow and ice control. At intersections with neighbouring streets and between sidewalks, most of the kerbs were undropped, which made it difficult for pedestrians to get around. The project saw the reconstruction of a 1.46-kilometre-long section of Männiku tee. It included the construction of a four-lane (2 + 2) road with left-turn pockets. Deteriorated utilities were replaced and both the street lighting system and the stormwater drainage system were upgraded. Shared-use paths were built beside the road. As the award of the construction contract was contested, both the start and completion of the work were delayed. Männiku tee was partially opened to traffic on 2 December 2007 and fully, as a four-lane street, in spring the following year.

Operational design for the reconstruction of Männiku tee (Vabaduse puiestee – Valdeku Street)

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Client: Tallinn Public Works Department
Design period: 2006–2007