Jõhvi Promenade

The technical designs for the two stages following the first part of the project (completed in 2009) for the construction of a promenade running from the Jõhvi Cemetery to the Concert Hall were developed by K-Projekt AS. The second stage involved the construction of an 1,150-metre-long shared-use path with lighting, landscaping, and benches along Rakvere Street; this section of the promenade was opened on 5 December 2013. In the third stage, the Jõhvi Central Square was converted into a pedestrian area and a 650-metre-long shared-use path leading towards the Concert Hall was built. The latter also required the construction of a tunnel under the railway intersecting with the path. The construction of the promenade was financed from the measure for the development of urban areas, from which a total of 900 million Estonian kroons were distributed between 2007 and 2013 to Estonian towns for the improvement of their urban spaces. In the summer of 2018, the promenade, which previously ended at the roadway on Pargi Street, was extended all the way up to the Jõhvi Concert Hall.

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Client: Jõhvi Rural Municipality Government.
Design period: 2010