Neste filling stations

Neste Eesti is a retailer and wholesaler of liquid fuels that has been operating in Estonia since 1989, when the company opened their first petrol station at the Pirita Marina. In 1991, Estonia’s first modern petrol station with a shop, café, and car wash was opened in Järve, Tallinn. In 1996, the first automatic filling station was built in Männiku, Tallinn, and today all of Neste’s stations across Estonia are operating as automatic filling stations. Over the years, K-Projekt has drafted designs for over fifty filling station construction or reconstruction projects for Neste. In addition to detailed design documents and operational design documents, we have prepared detailed spatial plans, reallotment documents, reconstruction documents, concept designs, and geodetic surveys.

Loe edasi Sulge
Client: Neste Eesti AS