Jazz Pesulad

Jazz Pesulad is an Estonian car wash chain established in 2003 that operates a large number of hand- and self-service car washes across the country. Jazz Pesulad opened their first hand car wash in Merimetsa, next to Paldiski maantee, in Tallinn, soon followed by another on Turu Street in Tartu. AS K-Projekt has prepared site layout plans for a number of tunnel car washes, hand car washes, and self-service car washes for Jazz Pesulad, as well as design documents for road construction, traffic management, external utility networks, landscape architecture, and lighting systems. In addition to detailed design documents, we have prepared concept designs, detailed spatial plans, geodetic surveys, and cadastral unit formation documents. Jazz Niidu Viimsi Jazz Tammsaare tee 64 Jazz Haapsalu Jazz Kuressaare Jazz Viljandi Jazz Pärnu maantee 141 Jazz Mustakivi tee 15 Jazz

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Client: Jazz Pesulad OÜ