Haven Kakumäe filling station

The new marina built on the site of the small-craft harbour of the former Kirov fishing collective farm is intended for vessels up to 30 metres long and with a draught of up to 4 metres. It can accommodate up to 300 vessels and will become the home port of the Tallinn Yacht Club and Sailing School. The first stage of the construction of the marina was completed in spring 2017; the construction design documentation for the hydro-facilities, quays, and piers was prepared by OÜ Corson. As the infrastructure of a modern small-craft port also requires a filling station to serve vessels and the port complex, K-Projekt was commissioned to design a quayside filling station for yachts and boats at the marina. For the operation of the filling station, in March 2017, the developer of the marina entered into a lease agreement with Alexela Oil, an Estonian filling station chain belonging to the Alexela Group, which previously already owned seven nautical filling stations in other regions of Estonia. The quayside filling station, outfitted with four pumps as well as fast-filling capabilities for larger yachts, was opened at the Haven Kakumäe Marina in May 2017.

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Client: Haven Kakumäe OÜ
Design period: 2016
Partner: Melson Grupp OÜ (technological design for the filling station)