E. Vilde tee 91a, 91b, 101, 101a, 101b, 101c, 101d, 103a, and 103b

E. Vilde tee 101 is the site of the building of the former Szolnok Market, which is currently a grocery and consumer goods store operated by Comarket. The detailed spatial plan was prepared with the aim of obtaining building rights for the construction of a new and modern commercial building to enable the provision of better and higher-quality services for the sale of groceries and consumer goods. The new building will contain a Rimi store and a number of rental premises (for, e.g., a pharmacy). The buildings at E. Vilde tee 101a and 101b will be replaced with modern buildings that are more fitting for this district hub. The detailed spatial plan envisages changing the boundaries of the properties to establish three commercial plots on each of which a two-storey commercial building may be built, as well as reserving two commercial plots for servicing the commercial buildings, one production plot for a transformer substation, and two plots for public areas.

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Initiation of detailed spatial planning: 4 February 2013
Adoption of the detailed spatial plan: 20 February 2019